A Short Interview with Rochelle the Comic!

Rochelle, terrorizing poor Rhonda and Ashleigh as the character Coonsaw at #LADCF18.

Rochelle, terrorizing poor Rhonda and Ashleigh as the character Coonsaw at #LADCF18.

Rochelle, aside from being a hilarious stand-up comedian, is known on the No Lye sketch team as being great at playing weird or crazy characters. This weekend she debuts her political comedy I Am Only Here For The Snacks in an Infringe Fest double header with Nkechi Chibueze’s Pervirgin.Snacks stars Rochelle’s character Stangela Farouk Adams III (you should definitely friend her).

1. How did you come up with the idea for this show?

I wanted fun way to talk about politics. I think people come together over food and drink and it is those times where we should lean in. However, those are the times we don't want to "ruin the mood".

2. Do you hope to expand it to a full length play, eventually?

No, I think of this as the introduction of Stangela who is the part of me that is a political satirist. I want to expand on her character by having her story told in mini-moments - a party, a dinner, a chance meeting in the mall. She then has the opportunity to show that these conversations can happen anywhere and we should embrace those moments.

3. Who are your creative inspirations?

Whoopi Goldberg and Steven Colbert are my character inspirations. Add Jon Stewart, Dave Chappelle, and John Oliver and you get the political satire and some strong models of how to do political comedy and still be funny. Richard Pryor told Tiffany Haddish that people come to comedy to laugh and my goal is to do that and make you think as well.

You can see a double header of Pervirgin and I Am Only Here For The Snacks 11/10 at 9pm or 11/11 at 7pm at GrandPre’s (834 N Rampart St). Tickets are only $10!