Camille Roane featured in NolaVie!

Our friends at NolaVie are doing a series on Black Girl Giggles! Check out the first interview here, featuring our darling President Camille Roane. Here's a sample:

Q: What’s your favorite memory with Black Girl Giggles?

CR: This is hard because I love BGG so much. My favorite would have been last year at our very first show at our very first festival. A woman at the bar left her purse out in a stupid, stupid way. It gets picked up, and we were like, ‘Oh, great, of course someone’s purse gets stolen at the BGG festival.’ Someone called the cops, and they walked through the middle of the bar in the middle of Ashleigh’s set.

But Ashleigh started hitting on the cops from the stage and it was absolutely hilarious. I remember just watching her and thinking, ‘This is so strange.’ Mind you, that wasn’t my favorite memory when it happened, but looking back on it, I love it.
— NolaVie